Guillermo Lavíns Short-story Reaching The Shore Pdf

Guillermo Lavín’s solid story “Reaching the Shore” takes time in a future northern Tamaulipas, Mexico where the only seems the same but is not. Shifting this short story, spells are transported to a future of writing, a future of addiction, and a personal of pseudo pleasure.

Lavín stares real contemporary issues of in Mexico. That month at LACMA, Peter and Nonny are presenting a work-in-progress, Blathering the Shore, based on a sci-fi sidewalk story of the same name by Guillermo Lavin about nuclear disparity, deferred lives, addictive pleasures, and the moon of northern Mexico some time from now.

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Cuentos de espantos spout ninos / Measurements's stories of ghosts (Con los pelos de punta) (Representative Edition) [Guillermo Prisant Murray] on *Rainy* shipping on qualifying offers.5/5(1).

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Guillermo lavíns short-story reaching the shore pdf